Fire Express PROTO BI


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Revolution of the shaft concept for athletes.

Fire Express PROTO BI
Fire Express PROTO BI

PROTO BI – Revolution of the shaft concept for athletes.
PROTO BI is the shaft that is developed based on the feedbacks provided by the team of golf industry professionals who demand the best. The request from them was simple. The shaft has to be created to withhold the strength of athletes. It has to be a shaft that is stable and robust enough for the golfers who can generate higher club head and ball speeds, but yet it has to be smooth in feel.
As stated above, PROTO BI incorporates the concept that the even top athletes need to have a smoother feeling at the butt section of the shaft. PROTO BI is cratered to minimized the harshness that the players felt in the traditional athlete shafts.
That harshness used to make the players lose a smooth transition from the top of the swing hence it lead to a lower smash factor. Now that is a history with PROTO BI.
Utilizing new and better materials like TORAYCA®M40X and TORAYCA®T1100G, we drastically changed the way a shaft for athletes was constructed. This is entirely a new concept driven shaft. PROTO BI is smoother and lighter yet tighter and faster.
The coloring of the shat (Matt finish) also reflects a new world view of the Fire Express brand reflecting the new generational preference.


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Fire Express PROTO BI

Flex Length
Tip Dia.*
Butt Dia.
6X 1168/46 68 3.2 8.55 15.30
7X 1168/46 78 2.8 8.55 15.30
  • ※Length of parallel tip: 70mm (Note: Tip diameter is measured before coating)