Fire Express PT


Fire Express PTFire Express PT

Exclusively Designed for Putters
to break the graphite/distance paradigm

Fire Express PT
Fire Express PT

Breaking the preconception that “Graphite shafts are for distance shots”, the Fire Express PT130 is exclusively designed for putters. We believe that the correct graphite shaft is critical for consistent distance, accurate impact and the stroking of the ball along an intended line. All of these factors contributed to the creation of the PT130 shaft. The weight of the shaft is designed for a steady stroke, the extra low torque for accurate impact and the controlled rigidity for a consistent strike. Finally, the distinctive feel of the graphite shaft imparts a delicate touch and reduces off center hits.

※Please do not use the club other than a putter.


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Fire Express PT

Weight Length
Tip Dia.*
Butt Dia.
90 PROTOTYPE 889/35 96 2.0 9.20 15.30
130 915/36 137 1.1 9.20 15.80
145 915/36 153 1.1 9.20 16.10