Fire Express Wedge


Fire Express WedgeFire Express WedgeFire Express Wedge

Face control is possible at the player’s will Wedge dedicated shaft

Fire Express Wedge
Fire Express Wedge

A wedge that requires control of various ball lines and distances from various lie. It is the best shaft for short games equipped with that function. Wedge115 ・ 120 The function of suppressing face turn and toe down is realized without excessively increasing the tip rigidity. By being able to make an impact in the direction of the face set at the time of addressing, it is possible to get a shot as you imagined. Even with a compact and loose swing, it is easy to take the timing of turning back and control the trajectory and sense of distance from a low ball with a good spin to a lob shot. Wedge80 iron shafts also tend to be lighter, and we often choose a slightly heavier shaft for the wedge. However, pay attention to the fact that even if the numbers are neatly arranged, there are many cases where the swing is uncomfortable and mistakes are made. Wedge80 is a specification that does not excessively increase the flex with a moderate weight feeling. The fine taper shape suppresses the force and allows you to swing at a good tempo. It is possible to ensure the success of a simple approach shot.

※It has the same specifications as # 10 of DGL115S and 120X, but the design is different.


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Number Length
Tip Dia.*
Butt Dia.
80 902/35.5 82 2.2 9.40 15.10 310
115 S 902/35.5 118 1.7 9.18 15.60 372
120 X 902/35.5 120 1.6 9.18 15.70 392
  • ※Length of parallel tip: 40mm (Note: Tip diameter is measured before coating)