Safety Warning

  • Our shafts are designed and produced to be assembled as golf clubs. Do not use the shafts for any other purpose.
  • It is strongly recommended for safety reasons that assembling and fitting should be done by assembling or fitting professionals, namely expert workshops, golf shops or club manufacturers. COMPOSITE TECHNO CO., LTD. and its authorized distributors, dealers and workshops are not responsible for any breakage of the golf clubs assembled, altered and/or adjusted by end-users.
  • As the butt of the club is a very sensitive design, it is also strongly recommended that any exchange of grips also be done by the aforementioned fitting professionals.
  • The coating may tarnish during use but this does not affect the rigidity and performance of the shaft.
  • Shafts should at all times be handled carefully so as not to make any scratches or other damage to the shafts which may cause future brakeage of said shaft. This is irrespective of the size of scratches or damage. If any damage or scratches are observed on the shaft, it is strongly recommended that you have the shaft examined by a fitting professional for a safety check.
  • Do not apply any force, push and/or bend the shaft to check its flexibility as it may causes serious damage which may not be readily observed at the time and after.
  • It may damage the performance and durability of shafts if they are left in a very hot and humid environment.
  • If a shaft is broken, do not touch the breakage and carefully keep the broken part isolated from yourself and others as carbon graphite fibers may easily pierce your hand or body.
  • To avoid damage, the golf clubs should be removed from your golf bag vertically and do not draw the clubs out of the bag against the frame of the bag.
  • To avoid damage, apply a head cover to your golf clubs to protect the shafts from damage by other club heads.
  • Our limited warranty does not cover the shaft on a second hand golf club as there may be damage to the shaft caused by the previous owner which is not visible to the naked eye. Any material damages caused to any person or property by a problem with a shaft on a second hand golf club are the responsibility of the user/purchaser.

Fitting Instructions

  • The parallel length on the shaft tip differs for each model. Note the length of the parallel section and the hosel depth if tip trimming is required. After cutting the tip, the parallel tip section should be the same length as or longer than the hosel depth. Cutting too much of the tip will damage the performance and durability of the shaft and is not covered by our limited warranty.
  • Do not damage the graphite layer when sanding the tip for assembling. Carefully remove the coating only.

Notices for Recycled Shafts

  • It is strongly NOT recommended to use recycled shafts removed from golf clubs. Recycled shafts are not covered by our limited warranty. The heat and force applied to the shaft to remove it from a club head may affect graphite and resin layers of the shaft and materially affect the durability and safety which are inherent in the original design. Golf shops, retailers, workshops and end-users are responsible for any damage caused to any person and/or other material damages by such recycled shafts.

For Your Safety and the Long Life of Your Shaft

  • The carbon graphite applied to graphite shafts is commonly considered to be a light weight but durable material. However, such carbon graphite processed and shaped as a golf shaft may be critically damaged if a force is applied greater than what is expected from the design parameters or is applied from a direction other than that intended in the design of the golf club shaft. The resultant damage following such a force would impact the designed durability and result in damage such as cracks or breakage. The following are cases typically observed where inappropriate care and handling will cause damage to the shaft.